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How the Nest works

We are snackers! We've developed several recipes of trail mix to find a good balance between "healthy" and "treat". Shop our range of set recipes OR make up your own! We've tried to hand as much control as we can over to the customer because we truly understand what it's like to struggle finding snacks to suit our dietary needs.

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How It Works

The Griffin's Nest aims to offer a healthy snacking solution for anyone with food restrictions, picky eaters, or just anybody looking for a tasty snack that fills you up while still being healthy. 

Start with a base of granola and then choose 6 scoops from 17 amazing ingredients in four categories: nuts, seeds, fruits, and treats. You can choose ANY ingredients (even double up!). We think the best 'trail mix' formula is two kinds of nuts, two kinds of seeds, a fruit, and a treat, but the choice is entirely up to you.

Take control of your snacking now! 

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