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Gregg, Jacqui, and their daughter on a hike


You may be wondering why, of all the businesses, in all the world, did we walk into this one. 

Living with food restrictions is something that both Gregg and Jacqui know about personally. Gregg is on a low-FODMAP diet, which presents all kinds of challenges when it comes to snacking. Meanwhile, Jacqui has been anywhere from strict to moderately Keto for the past 3 years and generally speaking avoids foods high in sugar. This also makes finding suitable AND tasty snacks difficult.


So, to suit BOTH their needs, Jacqui and Gregg found themselves making and consuming a LOT of their own custom trail mix and that's when the lightbulb struck. Surely they couldn't be the only ones who needed a snack solution! 


Who We Are

Gregg and Jacqui Griffin are two Americans living abroad in West Yorkshire, England. They moved here separately, met here, and each fell in love with Yorkshire AKA "God's Own Country". Now raising a puppy and a tiny human, they're both trying to maintain relatively healthy lifestyles that they still enjoy.

That's kind of how they started the Griffin's Nest! Gregg wanted a snack he could munch on guilt-free and share with their daughter but found that food restrictions and a sweet tooth made this a challenge. That's when he started putting together his own trail mix and looked for somewhere he could order his own custom mix on subscription. To his surprise, he couldn't find anything! The Griffin's Nest was hatched then and there. 

They decided to reach out to their friends Laura Wigglesworth and Lee Christy to partner. You may recognise them from super awesome local businesses like Ey Up Design, LozzieOzzie, and The Old Wooden Box.

Our Story: Our Story


In mythology, griffins were symbols of protection and thought to guard treasure. In fact, Pliny the Elder said their nests contained gold. They appear in multiple mythologies and in various forms, but the most common depiction is the front of an eagle with the hindquarters of a lion.

Since Griffin is Gregg and Jacqui's surname, it seemed like an obvious choice for a business name. Plus, how cool are griffins?!

Our Story: How It Works

Our Story

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