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Once you sign up, one of us will get in touch to confirm your order and mix choices

Stock Your Nest

  • Mix of the Month +

    Every month
    Get your monthly fix of your favourite mix
    • 2x250g of Appalachian, Rocky Mountain Mallow or Meanwood Mix
    • 1x250g mix of the month snack bag
    • Includes Shipping
    • Switch up your base mix choice at any time
  • Custom Monthly Mix +

    Every month
    Get your custom blend plus limited edition mix of the month
    • 2x250g “Choose Your Own Adventure” snack bags
    • 1x 250g Mix of the Month snack bags
    • Includes Shipping
  • Weekly Snacker

    Every week
    • 5x 45g bags either Appalachian, Rocky Mountain, or Meanwood
    • Includes shipping

Plan renews until canceled

Subscriptions: PaidPlans
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