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Doing More With Your Mixes

We obviously started this company as a snack product, with (relatively) healthy snacking in mind. There’s a bit more on the Our Story page of the website but in a nutshell (ha, get it!) we found ourselves bound by certain unusual dietary restrictions which made finding suitable snack foods difficult. Add to that finding a snack food that our whole family might enjoy and it was downright impossible.

What’s been amazing, however, is discovering just how versatile our mixes can be! We’ve had customers make everything from breakfast to dessert using our mixes. Here‘a just a few examples to get your brains buzzing with ideas:

Butternut Squash Soup

Sent to us by Mel H., this stunning looking dish used the Meanwood Valley Mix as a topper for some extra crunch!

Blueberry Muffin Loaf Cake

We made this one ourselves with our current Mix of the Month - sign up to our website to get access to the recipe. It’s also a lot lower than sugar and higher in fibre than your typical Blueberry muffin.

Crusted Chicken

Also sent to us by the amazing Mel H., I can’t remember if this was the Meanwood Valley or the Cherry Bakewell but either way doesn’t it look absolutely delicious???


How have you been enjoying our mixes? Let us know and if we feature your creation we’ll send you a free 250g bag!

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