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It’s Been Over a Month...

And whoa...

the feedback, reviews, suggestions, and repeat customers have just been blowing us away. We had a gut instinct we were onto a good idea but it’s nice to see that other people think so too.

How do we know people just aren’t being nice?

Ah, yes. Our impostor syndrome has us asking ourselves this constantly. Essentially what we’ve decided is this: people might try it once to be nice, but people will re-order because they like it.

Based on the number of reorders we’ve received and the fact that we don’t recognise all our customer’ names anymore, we are feeling really positive about where things are at.

Still a Long Way To Go

This doesn’t mean we are sitting back and relaxing by any means. There are plenty of growing pains were working through (maybe something to touch on in a future blog) - pricing, outreach and marketing, market saturation, packaging, product development - you name it.

However, that’s what’s so exciting! Every day brings new challenges that we tackle, as a business and as a family.

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