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One Week In

One week ago, we launched our new business The Griffin’s Nest. It has been an interesting week to say the least. The learning curve has been steep but fun as we are adjusting our busy lives to the increased business of fulfilling orders.

We’ve been totally taken aback by the amount of support from friends and family, and surprised by the interest in our trail mix from random strangers! Here‘s how we are handling things right now:

We haven’t wanted to sacrifice family time so we wait until the end of the day to fulfil orders. This has resulted in some very late nights but also a lot of fun as we work on finding new ways to cut down our fulfilment time. Because of how we’ve set the business up, all our mixes are made to order. This means we can’t automate and don’t have anything made up ahead of time, but we like it because it means the mixes can be customised easily. We’re working on getting faster at putting them together!

We’re slowly updating the website to reflect things like nutritional information and more extensive FAQs but for now, we’re just enjoying learning and growing as a family and as a business.

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